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Old Dominion Chapter No. 34


Sunday - June 11, 2023

Holiday Inn Gateway
515 Bypass Road, Williamsburg

10:30 a.m. - Exhibit and Mart Open  

Guest Speaker

David Gorrell
Millersville, Maryland

David Gorrell taught high school history in the Baltimore City Public Schools from 1966 to 2003. He worked as a watch repairman from 1961 to 1979 and opened the Millersville Clock Shop in 1964. He became an instructor in clock repair and restoration for the NAWCC in 2000. Dave has taught clockmaking skills and clockmaking throughout the U.S. and Canada. He served three terms as president of NAWCC Philadelphia Chapter No. 1 as well as the Chapter’s secretary/treasurer for nine years. He has also been a four-time chair of the NAWCC Mid-Eastern Regional.

Dave is serving as chair of the Mini-Workshops at this year’s NAWCC National Convention in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He chaired the same position at the 2021 NAWCC National Convention/Hampton and 2022 NAWCC National Convention/ Dayton.

Program #1 Eli Terry and the Porter Contract
A presentation showing the development of interchangeable parts and mass production in clockmaking.

Program #2 Which Eli was it?

The proof that it was Eli Terry, NOT Eli Whitney who successfully accomplished the first interchangeability of parts in the manufacturing process in America.


And, we are returning to our customary buffet luncheon. The charge for the luncheon is $27 per person which covers the cost of the luncheon and a portion of the room rental.

We will have our customary Exhibit where you can share items from your collection with the members.

Masks are not required if you meet the criteria for vaccinations.
Please feel free to wear your mask to meet your comfort level.

We encourage you to continue to practice reasonable social distancing.





Please RSVP your attendance plans.

Contact Judy Draucker no later than Thursday, June 8,
at (804) 339-1040 or by email to




Don’t forget The Chapter now has a Facebook page!

Thanks to Chapter Member Dennis Lane of Smithfield who volunteered to set up and manage a Facebook page for chapter members. This provides an excellent opportunity for chapter members to communicate with each other. You can share your photos, your questions, and even your answers and suggestions.

If the Chapter has an email address for you, you should have received an ‘invite’ from Dennis. If you did not or perhaps have misplaced it and wish to participate on the Facebook page, please contact Dennis at or at (757) 365-0402 or (757) 810-5997. Dennis will be happy to set you up as a user.



Previous Programs

Richard Robinson, President
MIchael Schulman, Vice President
Judy Draucker, Secretary Contact Judy
Janet L. Tyler- Treasurer

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CHAPTER 34 HISTORY 1954 - 1984