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Old Dominion Chapter No. 34


Sunday - December 12, 2023

Holiday Inn Gateway
515 Bypass Road, Williamsburg

10:30 a.m. - Exhibit and Mart Open  

Program #1 11:15 a.m.

Watch Cases and Their Makers

Speaker: Edwin L. Fasanella

12:00 Noon Lunch

1.00 p.m.

1:30 p.m.Business Meeting

Program #2 Following Business Meeting

Accidentally Preserved:
“The House of Wonders” (1931)
The Elgin Watch Company
A Video Presentation




Program #1 11:15 a.m.
Watch Cases and Their Makers
Speaker:  Edwin L. Fasanella

Since a watch movement is delicate, a case was always needed. In many instances,
the case is more valuable than the movement, especially if precious metals were
used. Ed will provide an overview of the history of watch cases and watch case
makers starting with early cases made in Europe and the United States. Early cases were often made by silversmiths or goldsmiths in small quantities.
Ed describes how to date the period and identify the maker of early cases by hallmarks and trademarks, if present, or by the style. Since collectors desire original cases, methods to determine original or a re-case will be discussed. Ed will present information on fakes and forgeries of cases, especially fake gold marks.

Ed is a long-time member of the Old Dominion Chapter No. 34 and has served twice as Chapter President. He enjoys doing research on horological matters and serves on the NAWCC Research Committee. He and his wife Barbara reside in Williamsburg.

Program #2
Following Business Meeting
Accidentally Preserved:

“The House of Wonders” (1931) - The Elgin Watch Company
A Video Presentation

The video is available by loan of Chapter member Marty Hutto.


And, we are returning to our customary buffet luncheon. The charge for the luncheon is $27 per person which covers the cost of the luncheon and a portion of the room rental.

We will have our customary Exhibit where you can share items from your collection with the members.

Masks are not required if you meet the criteria for vaccinations.
Please feel free to wear your mask to meet your comfort level.

We encourage you to continue to practice reasonable social distancing.





Please RSVP your attendance plans.

Contact Judy Draucker no later than Thursday, December 8,
at (804) 339-1040 or by email to




Don’t forget The Chapter now has a Facebook page!

Thanks to Chapter Member Dennis Lane of Smithfield who volunteered to set up and manage a Facebook page for chapter members. This provides an excellent opportunity for chapter members to communicate with each other. You can share your photos, your questions, and even your answers and suggestions.

If the Chapter has an email address for you, you should have received an ‘invite’ from Dennis. If you did not or perhaps have misplaced it and wish to participate on the Facebook page, please contact Dennis at or at (757) 365-0402 or (757) 810-5997. Dennis will be happy to set you up as a user.


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