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2009 was our 50th Year!

Old Dominion NAWCC Chapter 34


Sunday, October 10, 2017

Meeting Location

Fort Magruder Inn and Conference Center
6945 Pocahontas Trail  •  Williamsburg, Virginia

The meeting and luncheon will be held in Hill’s and McClellan’s rooms on the front (street side) of the hotel.

10:30 AM Exhibit Opens
  Mart Opens
11:15 AM Program Part I
12:00 Noon Luncheon
Following Lunch Business Meeting
  Program Part II

Fred T. White
Clinton, MD

Fred started watchmaking in 1956 as an apprenticeship at age 13 with Theodore White CMW through the Horological Institute of America.  Fred worked for several years with Theodore White at Virginia Ann Jewelers in Bluefield, Virginia, where he worked on many types of watches which gave him varied and broad views of horology.  He passed the Certified Watchmaker test sponsored by the Horological Institute of America.

Fred moved to Clifton Forge, Virginia, where he became watchmaker and manager at John Paul’s Jewelry Store.  He and his wife, Shirley, became inspectors of railroad time pieces for the C&O Railroad.  He was exposed to many railroad-grade time pieces.  The advent of quartz watch movements forced Fred to find work selling insurance.

Fred moved to the Washington, DC area and took a job in the automobile business.  He worked in auto sales and sales management until 1981 when the recession, coupled with his son in college, prompted him to return to repairing watches to supplement the family income.  Fred joined the American Watchmakers and Clockmakers Institute (AWCI) and the Horological Association of Virginia (HAV) where he has worked as convention chair, vice president and president and was honored with the Watchmaker of the Year award.  He ran for the Board of Directors of AWCI and has served the past three years as President.

Program #1 – 11:15 a.m.

The Katrina Flood Watch

The “Katrina Watch” is a 18s Howard that was in a bank vault when the Katrina hurricane caused devastating flooding in New Orleans.  The watch remained there for several months before it was retrieved by its owner.  It is an N model Howard with a 15-jewel movement that was manufactured circa 1880s.  It is cased in an 18kt three gold case with a nice diamond in the center of the back.  There was an article about the restoration featured in AWCI’s Horological Times in October 2012 which covers some of the points to be presented.  Fred reports that it was a wonderful project to work with that presented many challenges which will be shared with the audience.

Program #2 – Following Business Meeting

Watchmaking Bench-Side Stories

Interesting observations and challenges Fred has encountered in watchmaking will be shared.  In the presentation, Fred discusses a wide variety of interesting repair challenges that have come across his bench including some factory mistakes, poor workmanship and modifications that were made to watches that defy explanation by the owner.  The presentation includes a variety of interesting photos which you will find entertaining as well as informative.

Previous Programs

Richard Robinson, President
James Wynne, Vice President
Judy Draucker, Secretary Contact Judy
Janet L. Tyler- Treasurer

Future Meeting Dates

February 11, 2018 April 8, 2018
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